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About Me

I am Aparna Bhuvanagiri, a professional in the RF and Microwave domain. With expertise in designing and simulating RF circuits, I am passionate about pushing the boundaries of technology. Apart from work, I enjoy gardening, cooking, PC gaming, and helping others with their computer needs.

My Portfolio

Download the PDF version of my resume here. I try to keep my resume as current as possible, but my LinkedIn is always up to date.

Impossible List

I got this idea from Thomas Frank, founder of college Info Geek. This list includes my goals in learning, career and life. Of course, these keep changing as there will be new interests and some might fade as time passes on! Anyways these are some my current goals.

Skill goals:

  • Learn Russian

    • Update: learnt about 300 words,about 100 phrases. Can read most of the words.

  • Learn to swim

  • Car driving (Done! Finally got my license.)

  • Get a Ham Radio License

  • Learn pencil sketching

Professional Goals

  • Complete all Besser Lectures

  • Complete Power Amplifier design course (Jan 7, 2021)

  • EM simulation of Microwave Circuits (Simulated a 2-way power divider)

    • Design a Directional Coupler

    • Design a 4 way power divider

  • Simulation and Testing of Power Amplifier ( Designed a Broadband 100 W RF amplifier for UHF frequency)

    • Design for multi tone frequency

    • Design using GaN transistor

    • Design a pulsed amplifier

  • Learn PCB layout ( Designed a 2 layer board and routed all nets manually)

    • Design a 4 layer board.

    • SI and PI analysis of PCB layout

  • Design a simple GUI (GUI for a remotely operating and monitoring power amplifier)

    • Implement using multi threading

  • Design and Simulate a receiver

  • Design and Simulate a transmitter

  • Design an Antenna

Health Goals:

  • Jog continuously for 500m

  • Run continuously for 200m

  • Cycling for 3 Km with mostly uphill path

Fun Goals:

  • Scuba Diving atleast once

  • Paragliding

Life Goals:

  • Become financially stable

  • Learn about investing

  • Becoming a minimalist

  • Have an emergency fund account

  • Visit Iceland

Other Goals:

  • Read all the novels I currently have

  • Complete writing a teen horror novel.

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